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still life with gin

still life with gin

commissioned by Think Bold Studio

Poster  for the musical 
Harald Dovrefostre
commissioned by Sagabok

Book rear cover
Author Solveig Aareskjold
For Sagabok

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-27 om 14.48.48.

website images 
For Jill Stewart Pilates

Hermann Ingólfsson
Ambassador for Iceland to Norway.
For Sagabok at Nidarosdomen

flyer fo Viking House Stavanger
Flyer for
Viking House Stavanger

Package design and product on package.

aurora borealis
For Hungarian online magazine

Story image 
For iHorror magazine

Double page publication
For Stavanger Aftenbladet

Book publication
For Arte Laguna Prize 2015

Book publication
Exposure Awards, dreamers collection


Portraits and products
For Sagabok

Products for
For Newlands1

Newspaper publication
Stavanger Aftenbladet

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