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Ferdinand B. Alst '68

freelance and contemporary photographer.

Dutch-born but traded the concrete jungle for the Norwegian mountains.


Ferdinand feels the desire to tell untold stories in a pure, dark, and gritty way.

His work varies from dark to slightly bright, but always with one thing in common: it comes from the soul.

The unnerving darkness comes from deep inside. Its visualization is like therapy, releasing the pain, he claims.

The brighter work brings balance, with the objective to take you away from the fast lane and clear your mind.


Besides the artistic works, Ferdinand also works on commission all around the globe.

Professional portraits (author profiles, musicians, artist, covers ), documenting, commercial products and much more.

His talent to translate dreams and emotions helps to create unique customized fine art portraits for many of his clients.


Ferdinand's images appear in books, commercial catalogs, newspapers and magazines. Exhibited at the Arsenal in Venice, Italy and digitally at the Louvre Paris, Art Basel Miami, USA and finalist at the Arte Laguna Prize 2015.

For inquiries please use the contact form.

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